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Bio Fertilizer

Product Image (sodLFULFA)

Sodium Lignosulphonate

Price: 50 INR/Kilograms

Appearance : Light Brown Powder Lignosulphonate - 58% Dry Metter 96% Min PH 5 to 7 Sodium Lignosulphonate is also called Lignosaltphonic acid sodium salt. Is an anionic surfactant with medium molecular weight and low sugar content. First Generation Concrete admixture and Ceramic admixture. Noyer sodium lignosulphonate features low Ash and low gas content and strong adaptability for ceramics and cement. It is used with Polynaphelate Sulphonate ( PNS ) and there is no Precipitation in the liquid mixture. Then you are going to buy this Powder.

Product Image (SRCOD)

Cod Liver Oil

Price: 200 INR/Kilograms


Product Image (OMEs)

Omega 3 Fish Oil

Price: 200 INR/Kilograms

omega 3 fish oil

Product Image (ffd)

Sardine Fish Oil

Price: 25 INR/Kilograms

sardine fish oil

Product Image (ftt)

Steam Dried Fish Meal

Price: 50 INR/Kilograms

Steam Dried Fish Meal is an important animal nutrient and protein supplement which is a very good resource of minerals and unknown growth factors. We manufacture a wide variety of Fish Meal that is high in quality and nutrient value for our clients. Our range is processed from fresh raw materials procured from trusted vendors with traceability. The chemical free eco-friendly product range caters to the requirements of domestic and international clients. Our range is a rich source of most premium protein. We pay special attention to packaging to ensure long shelf life and maintenance of nutrients.

Product Image (FISHMEAL)

Fish Meal

Price: 250 INR/Kilograms

Fish meal is a nutrient-rich feed ingredient used primarily in diets in aquaculture. It is the chief protein source in fish feed for diverse reasons, collectively for its high protein content, excellent essential amino acid (EAA) profile, better nutrient digestibility and lack of anti-nutritional factors (ANFs). Utmost care and high precision is employed to maintain International quality standards. Fishmeal is recognised by nutritionists as a high-quality, very digestible feed ingredient that is favoured for addition to the diet of most farm animals, especially fish and shrimp. It carries large quantities of energy per unit weight and is an excellent source of protein, lipids (oils), minerals, and vitamins; while it contains very little carbohydrate.

Product Image (fisHD)

Fish Protein Hydrolysate Liquid

Price: 205 INR/Liter

Fish Protein Hydrolysate liquid is an excellent amino acid product. It contains minimum 40% of hydrolyzed protein. Protein hydrolysates have been used as partial substitutes for fishmeal in microdiets to enhance growth, survival and larval development, and reduce the incidence of skeletal deformities, thus improving larval quality in both freshwater and marine fish species. Protein hydrolysates also act as feed attractants, as they contain digested protein components such as free amino acids and peptides that enhance the palatability and acceptance of the feed.

Product Image (fishgra)

Fish Granules

Price: 205 INR/Kilograms

PRODUCT: ORGANIC FISH GRANULES FORM: GRANULES COLOUR: WHITE GOOD FOR: VARIOUS HORTICULTURAL AND AGRICULTURAL CROPS helps in achieving overall plant health and growth. It improves soil quality that leads to deeper rooting, better penetration of water and nutrients. It also helps you replenish your unproductive land. Sparsh promotes beneficial bacteria and other micro-organisms in the soil in addition to providing supplementary macro and micro nutrients essential for your plants. Sparsh helps plants stay healthy. As a result, they develop power to resist pests and repel other animals that pose a threat to your cultivation. ADVANTAGES Helps in better development of roots and microbial growthImproves vegetative growthHelps in better development of fruits and grainsProvides better yield of superior quality

Product Image (fish aminos)

Fish Amino Acid Powder

Price: 210 INR/Kilograms

PHYSICAL APPEARANCE / COLOUR CREAMISH FINE POWDER ORGANIC NITROGEN: 13 RECOMMENDED FOR: FOR ALL TYPES OF HORTICULTURE AND FIELD CROP TROUGH FOLIAR SOLUBILITY: 100% SOLUBLE IN WATER DOSAGE: RECOMMMENDED TO USE AT 5-10LIT/HECTARE THROUGH FOLIAR SPRAY Amino Emerald comes packed with 80% of protein in addition to concentrated nutrients and minerals essential for your plants. Proteins, the building blocks of life are made of amino acid molecules. Amino Emerald provides your plants with quality amino acid obtained from quality fish, ideal for sustainable agriculture. It not only feeds crops, but feeds soil and the entire eco-system, helping us keep planet earth clean and healthy for all life forms for all generations to come. Harming none and profiting everyone involved. You can infuse it to the soil during fertigation and foliar spray it during vegetative and flowering stages.

Product Image (prohyd)

Fish Protein Hydrolysate Powder

Price: 205 INR/Kilograms

Fish Protein Hydrolysate powder is an excellent amino acid product. It contains min. 80% of hydrolyzed protein Protein hydrolysates have been used as partial substitutes for fishmeal in microdiets to enhance growth, survival and larval development, and reduce the incidence of skeletal deformities, thus improving larval quality in both freshwater and marine fish species.

Product Image (falis)

Fish Amino Acid Liquid

Price: 205 INR/Liter


Product Image (fish oil)

Fish oil

Price: 200 INR/Liter

Fish oil is an important constituent in aquafeed industry because of its high proportions of n-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LC-PUFA) that play an important role in supporting normal growth, health, and nutritional quality of farmed aquatic animals. Advantages: Fish oil is an excellent lipid source, especially in terms of HUFAs and PUFAs. Fish Oil has greater abundance of EPA and DHA. Fish oil especially body oil are rich in triacylglycerols (TAGs), which comprise the major component of stored fats, generally contributing in excess of 90% of the total fatty acid composition. It offers major benefits to animal health, including improved immunity against disease, higher survival and growth, and reduced incidences of deformities. It is considered to increase feed appeal. This encourages farmed fish and crustaceans to locate feed and increases consumption, thereby reducing wastage. It is highly digestible, which leads to increased growth and less wastage of food.

Product Image (fish bone meal)

Fish Bone Meal

Price: 205 INR/Kilograms


Product Image (ffdr)

Organic Marine Nutrient

Price: 255 INR/Kilograms

PHYSICAL APPEARANCE / COLOUR: DEEP BROWN SEMI-VISCOUS PASTE ORGANIC NITROGEN: 6 VISCOSITY: FREE FLOWING AT ROOM TEMPERATURE SOLUBILITY: PARTIALLY SOLUBLE IN WATER. PASSES THROUGH 100 MICRON MESH DOSAGE: RECOMMMENDED TO USE AT 25-50LIT / HECTARE RECOMMENDED FOR: DRIP / DRENCH Organic Marine nutrient is enzymatically extracted fish soluble from the fish. It is a brown, semi-viscous liquid, with a pleasant fishy odour. The unidentified growth factors present in fish soluble helps in increasing the rate of growth. The fish soluble is rich in all the dissolved proteins, vitamins and amino acids which act as a building block in the plant growth. Apart from natural nitrogen it is also rich in naturally available macro and micro minerals which are very essential for the plant growth. It is free from chemicals or residues as the raw material is directly harvested from the sea. It also contains all the essential 22 amino acids required for growth.

Product Image (fssd)

Fish Amino Acid With Chelated Micronutrients

Price: 205 INR/Kilograms

Fish amino acid with micro nutrients are formed by a nutritional element required by a plant with one or more Amino acids to form a new molecule that is readily accepted by plants and delivers the nutrient with high efficiency. It passes through the chemical and physical barriers in plants with a very high degree of efficiency. It is widely used as base fertilizer in all kinds of agriculture crops. THE DIFFERENT KINDS OF MICRONUTRIENTS WITH FISH AMINO ACID. AVAILABLE Mix mineral Fish Amino Acid- (Zn-3%,Fe-2%, Mn-1%,B-0.5%) Zinc Fish Amino Acid- Zn-12% Copper Fish Amino Acid- Cu-12% Calcium Fish Amino Acid- Ca-10% Magnesium Fish Amino Acid- Mg-6% Manganese Fish Amino Acid- Mn-12% Ferrous Fish Amino Acid- Fe-12% Boron Fish Amino Acid- B-10%

Product Image (fishF)

Fish Soluble Paste

Price: 250 INR/Liter

Fish soluble is a brown, semi-viscous liquid, with a fishy but pleasant fishy odour. The unidentified growth factors present in fish soluble paste helps in increasing the rate of growth. Fish soluble paste is rich in all the dissolved proteins, vitamins and amino acids. Uses: It can be used in aqua feed for a better palatability, nutrition & bioactivity of the protein. It is used in aqua feed as a feed attractant & organic fertilizer.

Product Image (AZ01)


High nitrogen fixing capacity (15 to 30 kg/ha) in non-legumes. Root proliferation (increase in number of roots due to production of auxins). Improves nutrient uptake and quality of produce. Azospirillum powder 107 109 cfu/gm Useful in all the crops as seed dresser @ 5-10 gm/kg seed and as soil input @ 500 1000 gm/acre along with 40-50 kg manure.

Product Image (st)

Gypsum Granules

Gypsum is also known as Calcium sulphate. ID Gypsum contains high amount of calcium and sulphur. Benefits: It reduces bulk density in soil. It also controls PH value of soil. It also helps in reducing salt particles present in soil. Gypsum helps in increasing fertility of the soil. By using Gypsum hard land can be converted in soft land. Gypsum is very helpful in salty water a

Product Image (ty)

Mycorrhizal Granules

Advantages of Mycorrhiza Keeps crop healthy and make roots strong. It makes plant absorb all the required nutrients in the soil. It secures the crop from the infections that are in the soil. It helps making a strong bond in the roots and soil. It prevents the crop even in the adverse conditions. It produces yields of high quality. How to use Put 4-6 kilogram per acre at the time of sowing either with first or the second manure.

Product Image (RT)

Prom Phosphate Granules

Prom phosphate is one of the basic necessary component for plant nutrient. Prom contains Bio particles, rock phosphate and organic matter. This helps in improving various parameters of soil. like physical, chemical architecture which further boost in necessary nutrients required for plants growth. Use: This can be used for all crops. 50-100 Kg/acre-depending on the soil condition. Warehousing: It should be kept in dry and cool place. In case if it is not kept in suitable environment degradation of weight and performance.

Product Image (Ab)


Acetobacter is Powder based biofertilizer which provide nitrogen to plants in available form for given crops. It is based on Acetobacter bacteria which works for nitrogen fixation in sugar cane and also catalyze the activity of hormones and enzymes. Crops :- Acetobacter is Recommended in all sugar crops like Sugarcane, Sweet potato, Sweet Sorghum & Pineapple etc. Product Advantages :- Acetobacter fix atmospheric nitrogen to amonia and provide to plant simply. It provide 25-30 kg N/ Hectar/ year in soil. It increases sugar percentage in plant and fruit.

Product Image (tyee)


Useful for Azotobactor also produces some substances which check the growth of harmful plant pathogens such as Altenaria, Fusarium, Rhizoctinia, Sclerotium and Helminthosporium. Assimilates atmospheric nitrogen (ammonia) for plants. Azotobacter Powder 107 109 cfu/gm Useful in all the crops as seed dresser @ 5-10 gm/kg seed and as soil input @ 500 1000 gm/acre along with 40-50 kg manure. Azotobacter Liquid 109 cfu/ml Applications Seed & Seedling treatment : 3 ml/Lit water. Seeds and seedlings are to be dipped in the solution. Spray treatment : 2 ml/Lit. water in all field crops, vegetables etc. and 1 ml/ Lit. water in fruit crops as high volume spray. Fertilization by Drip : 250-500 ml/acre either alone or in combination with any other inputs which are given through drips.

Product Image (dy)

Dried Yeast Active

Dry yeast active and Dry Yeast inactive


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